Monday, January 14, 2008

Truckers rock Athens and we're all better for it.

Three nights of DBT has left a lot of people in Athens with bags under their eyes and hoarse voices. All three shows were very different, each incredible in their own way. Everyone at Nuçi’s Space had a great time - our pre-party/auction went really well over at Cine on Thursday. Then right before the Truckers went on Rebecca Hood, Alyssa Bernstein and I auctioned off Shonna's (quite badass) First Act bass, Patterson's Epiphone acoustic guitar and an amazing Wes Freed original painting. The Truckers are so good to us ... and we love them for it.

Here's some various accounts of the night:
* SPIN magazine: It happened Last Night.
* Colin Smith Blog
* Athens, GA Outside/In

* Daniel Pieken photos from all three nights.

We would like to thank: Drive-By Truckers, Marti’s at Midday, Widespread Panic, R.E.M., The National, Ciné, East-West Bistro, Holiday Inn, 40 Watt, Jenn Bryant, Henry Owings, AirTran Airways, Jittery Joes, Rebecca Hood and Ben Mize for their generosity in helping us to put on tonight’s event.
Also - a big thank-you goes out to all the volunteers who helped put on tonight's event: Norma Pylant, Sanni Baumgaertner, Katie Collins, Rebecca Hood, Laura Ford, Alyssa Bernstein, Jayne Clamp, David Dye, Trisha Scurry, Will Smith, Jason Miller, Henry Kiser, Jeff Montgomery and Heather & Mike Swint.