Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ariadne Thread: stringing together Mangum, Colbert and the Campbell gals

The second album from Athens' Hope For agoldensummer - Ariadne Thread - is a beautiful experience. And yes - experience is the right word. The album, packaged in a gorgeous casing(below), comes with a hand-woven booklet containing an original short story and artwork. The text is penned by Page and Claire Campbell's cousin Wallace Cochran, of the band Drakkar Sauna.
The Campbell sisters are 2/3rds of Hope, and the primary songwriters and vocalists. The third piece is guitarist Deb Davis. Ariadne Thread is full of what the Campbells do so well - emotive, gothic Southern vocals richly layered and packed with heart-wrenchingly sincere lyrics.
They deliver "It's been a long, long year ... things got messed up" with such weight, and vague descriptions like "things" and "messed up" suddenly make perfect sense.
Hear tracks from Hope For agoldensummer on their Myspace page.
Learn more about Ariadne Thread:

As if he wasn't already the coolest person of all time, Stephen Colbert apparently enjoys Neutral Milk Hotel.

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