Monday, April 21, 2008

David Hill's Imagine Something Tour

David Hill is a student at UGA. Starting the second week in May, he'll be touring and playing music - twenty-one cities in the eastern United States and Canada in seven days - and taking Nuçi's Space along with him.

David is looking for people to sponsor him (per mile) during his trip - and the money he raises will come back to Nuçi's Space.
From the Imagine Something Tour website:

Unfortunately, there are people who can't recognize their dreams because they are no longer with us; this trip is in their memory as well. Recently I spoke with a friend of mine whose father committed suicide. I learned how my friend's life was changed forever because his father felt he couldn't continue living. I thought about multiple friends I've had through the years that ended their lives for different reasons. They can't follow their dreams now.

Check out David's awesome website here and read more about this really cool trip.