Tuesday, July 8, 2008

40 Watt Thrift Extravaganza

Got cool junk, music equipment or your own art work to sell? Then you should participate in our 40 Watt Thrift Extravaganza!!! If you aren't interested in selling and looking to buy then come check it out and tell your friends!

when: Sat, July 26th 10am-2pm, no early birds (unless you are selling then get there at 9am to set up your stuff)
where: inside the 40 Watt & the 40 Watt parking lot

Advertised items: Music Equipment, Records/CD's/Tapes, Record Players/Turn Tables, DVD's/VHS movies, Furniture, Lamps, Clothes, Jewelry, Bicycles, Knic Knacs, etc.

Deadline to participate in selling, 12 noon Friday July 11th (if you have something specific not covered by the above, make sure you tell us so that we can possibly place it in advertising)

Sign up with us for a 5'x5' space for $10 each, first come first serve (proceeds for selling spaces will be donated to Nuci's Space, you keep the rest)

Contact: Rebecca Hood, 706-461-3398
Rick Poss, rickposs@bellsouth.net

Stephanie Reynolds, haa02@msn.com