Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The Internet has taken a shine to bands from Athens, GA!!

OLD NEWS (or, "I forgot to post these a few weeks ago.")

> Here's The Whigs on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, doing "Already Young."

> Dancer Vs. Politician shows up on Idolator's Listening Station feature.

> Dark Meat made an appearance on SPIN.com's "It Happened Last Night."

> Former Athens band Pacific UV were spotlighted in SPIN.com's Buzzcatcher series.

> Chris Byron, Nuçi's Space staff member, and Luke Johnson have revived Tom Lewis' old studio and turned it into a practice space and studio for their own projects. The Red & Black profiled the project here.

> Dead Confederate saw their new album Wrecking Ball get reviewed by the New York Times (liberal media!). The review is here.

> Chris Hassiotis profiles singer Liz Durrett in the new Creative Loafing.