Thursday, February 26, 2009

Randy Bewley

Randy Bewley died on Wednesday night February 25, 2009 in Athens, Georgia.
He was 53 years old - an artist, husband, father and guitar player. For those who don't know, his band Pylon is one of THE reasons that people all over the world even know about the Athens Music Scene.

Pylon was a group of four college art students who played an energetic brand of dance-punk that immediatley engaged loyal followers in Athens and then later, all over the US.
Randy decided to stop playing music in the early 80's in order to start a family. The band would later re-form to tour and play shows for a new generation of fans. Recently, in addition to Pylon, Randy played with local bands Supercluster and Sound Houses.

Nuçi's Space was lucky enough to see Randy on a regular basis, when Pylon or Supercluster was rehearsing here. A few years ago Pylon filmed an episode of the popular kid's show Pancake Mountain here - and they also played our 5th Anniversary celebration here in 2005.

Randy Bewley will be missed greatly, but his influence on our town and its music will most certainly live on.
- Nuçi's Space

From WUOG (UGA's student radio station):
Jordan Stepp writes: We're doing a special Sound of the City on WUOG for Randy tonight. I'd really like to have some stories, memories, and such from fans and bands to read on air. He was such a great guy and large part of our community. If you'd like to say something that I could read on air tonight or have a particular song request during SotC from 8-10pm, please email it to