Friday, June 19, 2009

Camp Amped 2009

The first session of Camp Amped 2009 was a huge success. 20 local kids between the ages of 11-17 met here during the week from June 8-19th to learn from some of Athens’ best musicians. The campers took part in workshops on band relationships, songwriting and specialized instrument instruction. They formed bands and rehearsed, then recorded tracks at some of Athens’ best studios (mp3’s below).

Last Saturday, June 20th, the bands performed to a PACKED house at Nuçi’s Space. The audio was recorded by Sloan Simpson and video work was done by Jonathon Brill - those will be made available as soon as possible.

Check out photos of Camp Amped here.

During the week, lunch was provided by a variety of very generous local restaurants, including:
Barberitos Eastside, Chick-Fil-A, Dondero’s Kitchen, Five Star Day Café, The Grit, Jersey Mike’s, Mama’s Boy, Marti’s At Midday, Mellow Mushroom, Taco Stand.

Instructors for the first session were Claire Campbell, Joel Byron, Thayer Sarrano, Betsy Franck, Philip Mayer and Seth Hendershot. The lead instructor is Dan Nettles and the camp facilitator (and instructor) is Carl Lindberg. The camp director is Laura Ford.

Here's some mp3's – check out what the bands sound like (soon you’ll be able to stream the songs on Myspace as well):

Zombie (Cranberries cover) by Paper Whales
Creep (Radiohead cover) by White Lights
Beckoning by Pillsbury Massacre
Life is Good by White Lights
High and Dry (Radiohead cover) by Paper Whales
The Original Epic by Airlock
Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones cover) by Pillsbury Massacre
What I Got (Sublime cover) by White Lights
Is This It (The Strokes cover) by Pillsbury Massacre
Am I Right by Paper Whales

For more info on Camp Amped visit our website.