Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Romanenko needs your help!

ROMANENKO, posing in front of the record wall at Nuçi’s Space

Local trio Romanenko has had a HUGE wrench thrown into their plans to release their first full length album. One of the bandmembers had her house broken into and money the band had saved to be used to press the album and pay the studio for recording wasa stolen.
If you are able to help support the band and pre-order the record, details are below.


Thanks for stopping by our page! We have been in the studio working on our first full length record since April, and our cd release is scheduled for September 23, 2009. On August 2, Jessie's house was broken into and cash stolen. Money we had set aside for pressing the cd, paying our studio bill, and printing fliers for our release show now has to be used for rent, etc.

As you'd guess, this sets us back pretty damn far. We are reaching out to the community in hopes that we can go ahead with the release as planned-- which means we need to get the cd pressed, print fliers and posters to promote the show (September 23 at 40 Watt!), and make sure the wonderful people at dreamLab Recording get paid for all the hard work they've done for us. Whether you can give us ten cents, ten bucks, or just pass this along to your friends... every little bit will help us.