Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Combing the web: Drive-By Truckers move units; Roy Coughlin gets archived; download Pride Parade's latest.

Drive-By Truckers new collection of B-sides and rarities The Fine Print outsold Taylor Swift last week, according to Country Music News Blog.

"This week they left Taylor Swift in the dust in overall record sales, making themselves the top-selling country act for the first week of September (according to StreetPulse)."

Thanks to for the link!

Nuçi's Space staffer and local musician Roy Coughlin is featured on Sloan Simpson's Southern Shelter website - a database of amazing local concert recordings. Check it out.

Jimmy Hughes (Folklore, Elf Power) has been editing up video footage of Vic Chesnutt's latest European tour, which featured Elf Power as the backing band. The videos are great - the collection is on YouTube.