Monday, January 4, 2010

Murmurs puts on donation drive in honor of Stipe's 50th

Ethan Kaplan, head honcho over at the R.E.M. fansite Murmurs has put together a donation drive that benefits Nuçi's Space in honor of Michael Stipe's 50th Birthday (today, Jan. 4th).

Michael Stipe, lead singer for R.E.M., friend of many, artist of conceptual metal pieces turns 50 today. Happy birthday Michael from all of us at Murmurs!

One of the artists Michael has mentored, been a fan of and championed was the late Vic Chesnutt. Michael discovered Vic, produced two of his records and never shied away from evangelizing his work.

Tragically, Vic died last week.

In the spirit of the kind of person Michael is, and the message of selflessness he has always espoused, for Michael's birthday I'm asking for the Murmurs community to donate to a charity who's mission is to help people like Vic: Nuçi's Space. So, head on over to the donation page, and donate if you can. Thank you, and again, happy birthday Michael!