Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Athens Business Rocks

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Entry Deadline January 17th, 2011; opening rounds on Feb. 2,3 & 4; finals on Feb. 19th, 2011.


Nuçi’s Space is inviting the media to attend and cover the inaugural Athens Business Rocks, a fundraising event for Nuçi’s Space that will challenge musicians from different local businesses against each other – from the stage of the Fabulous 40 Watt Club in downtown Athens.

It’s been said that “you can’t swing a guitar around your neck in Athens without hitting a musician.” Not only was this statement referring to the performing musicians that most people associate with the world-famous downtown music scene, but to the plethora of musicians that masquerade as “upstanding, straight-laced” business people during the day as well.

Because of the confines of their day-time jobs, many of these hidden rock stars don’t get the opportunity to let their hair down (if they have any to let down) and perform on stage for a throng of adoring fans. Athens Business Rocks hopes to create an opportunity for these hidden rock stars to reveal themselves – even if it’s for just a night or two.

After the opening round of music in early February (2,3,4), the Finals will take place Saturday, February 19th, 2011 – and all rounds will be held at the legendary 40 Watt Club in downtown Athens.

The deadline to register a band online is January 17, 2011 – the following day all the bands and performance schedules will be announced on the website. More information, including all details, is available at www.athensbusinessrocks.com.

Opening rounds: Feb. 2, 3, 4, 2011
Finals: Saturday, February 19th, 2011

The 40 Watt Club (Downtown Athens, GA)

WHO: The 2011 event is limited to 26 bands and we expect these slots to fill up quickly. Bands can be created by employees from local businesses, University departments and civic clubs. Each band will be required to prepare 15 minutes (approximately 3 songs) of cover songs. Registered bands will also receive free and discounted rehearsal time at Nuçi’s Space to prepare for their “big night.” (Details online)

Bands will be judged (criteria online) by a panel of celebrity judges that include Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers), Lisa Love (Georgia Music Hall of Fame) and several other “big wigs” to be announced soon.

WHY: The goal of Athens Business Rocks is two-fold; 1) help raise contributions for a great local nonprofit that focuses on providing support and resources for the music and creative community 2) engage and promote the business community while sharing a great night of music and fun in historic downtown Athens.

Proceeds will benefit Nuçi’s Space, a support and resource center for musicians in Athens, GA. The mission of Nuçi’s Space is to prevent suicide by providing obstacle-free treatment for musicians suffering from depression and other such disorders, as well as to assist in the emotional, physical and professional well-being of musicians. To accomplish this mission, Nuçi’s Space actively participates in treatment, educates to destigmatize mental illness and advocates for sufferers.

Bob Sleppy, Nuçi’s Space Executive Director: bob@nuci.org 706.227.1515