Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Video for "What Do You Mean?" by Emergent Heart

Emergent Heart - What Do You Mean? from Brett Vaughn on Vimeo.

Created for Nuçi’s Space .
Emergent Heart is a recording project/philanthropy produced by Samuel Joseph Kim and Luke Johnson. Download our recordings at emergentheart.com
All proceeds go to the suicide prevention programs at Nuci's Space (an athens, GA charity).
You can make a donation through our website or nuci.org Please share these songs with your friends. We rely on word of mouth for our fundraising efforts.

Directed by: Brett Vaughn
Bryan Redding- Director of Photography
Matt Evans- 1st Assistant Director
Vox: Graham Ulicny and Kelly Servick
Violin: Kelly Servick
Drums: Luke Johnson
Engineering: Chris Byron
Main Vocal Sample: Richard Dien Winfield
other vox sample: Ryan Engleberger
additional tracking: Toby Gomez
All Other Instruments and Executive Production: Samuel Joseph Kim