Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Drive-By Truckers Pre-show Party and Silent Auction A Huge Success

Valentines Day2015- A band we love, fans we love and  a fundraiser we love. 

Each year the Drive-By Truckers return to Athens  for the Homecoming. 3 awesome nights of shows and for us one of our major fundraisers of the year. We host a pre-show  party  and silent auction where DBT  fans from all over the world meet up at Nuçi's Space and bid on rare and unique DBT and DBT related memorabilia.

The auction this year exceeded our expectations in every way. 
There were more donations than ever before. So many more that we couldn't even feature them all.  More vinyl more posters more craft and more , well just more. We were completely humbled by such generosity and support. 
The items we couldn't put out this time will be used to fund raise at a later date  bringing in even more than the $7100.00 the auction raised. 

Three Dimes Down, the Drive-By Truckers fan community presented us with a check for $7800.00 raised by selling self mastered DVDs of Pattersons 50th birthday show. This huge amount added with previous years donations makes them one of our major contributors and hits that gold record status. We were thrilled to add a gold record for Three Dimes Down on to our Donor Wall.

$14,900.00 shouted Happy Valentines day to Nuçi's Space from the Drive-By Truckers Family and friends  and its makes us so happy to shout out Happy Valentines day right back.