Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dead Confederate gathers steam...

Dead Confederate (Razor and Tie Records) is an Augusta/Athens/Atlanta-based rock band that played a benefit concert here last fall and took part in the badass Wynburn Street Festival, which was also a Nuci's Space benefit. (We hear that the band is getting closer to calling Athens home) They've also been opening for Dinosaur Jr.
The media buzz has been building for them lately, and the music blogs and newspapers have been showing love:

From the Flagpole's Threats & Promises:
Such Nice Boys: Local band Misfortune 500 booked multiple local shows here for the month of December for the express purpose of donating all earnings (including door monies and merchandise sales) to local resource center Nuçi's Space. So far, the band saw successful shows this month at Tasty World and the Caledonia Lounge, and supporters can catch Misfortune 500 locally once more before the year is out. The group will perform again at the Caledonia on Wednesday, Dec. 19. While you're there, it wouldn't be a bad time to pick up the band's not-half-bad debut album Before This Winter Ends, released earlier this year. Besides, all the money goes to Nuçi's Space, so that's doubly good right there. Visit the Misfortune 500 online at
-Gordon Lamb